Telemarketing Services

Telermarketing Services

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In today’s highly technical and digital age, one device remains unfazed by the changing times – the telephone. Yes, telephones are still the best and cheapest device in reaching existing and potential clients.

In most businesses, telemarketing constantly plays a vital role. Telemarketing should be a part of any marketing plan as a good telemarketing service brings about a whole array of benefits.

telemarketing services

Outsourcing City’s wide range of outbound call center telemarketing services includes:

- Telemarketing Services
– Telemarketing Lead Management, Generation, and Qualification
– Appointment Setting and Scheduling
– Database Cleaning and Updating
– Database Selling
– Up Selling and Cross Selling Campaigns
– Product Promotion
– Research Surveys and Polling
– Payment Processing
– And other outbound telemarketing service you need

Here are the things that telemarketing can do for you:

  1. Telemarketing is interactive. Telemarketing allows a two- way real- time communication between the customer and the business. Customers’ concerns and objections are quickly addressed by the telemarketing service staff, thereby leading them to the end goal: purchase. The power of a two- way conversation should never be neglected.
  2. Telemarketing brings immediate response. Advertising through various forms of media and below- the- line activities do not bring an immediate response or feedback from the customer. Telemarketing does.
  3. Telemarketing yields a stream of endless opportunities. Telemarketing provides a direct link between the target audience and the company. It could lead to more sales, more leads, and more customers. Anything can be possible with the wide range of services under an effective telemarketing program.

However, due to high labor costs, lack of manpower, resources and technology, a company’s telemarketing service is being pushed to the backseat.

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Why Choose Outsourcing City? Outsourcing City Brings Results through its Outbound Call Center Telemarketing Service

Outsourcing your telemarketing service to an outbound call center is the best solution so your company’s telemarketing efforts will never be pushed aside. As companies are vying for a top spot in their industry, a strategic partnership with an outsourcing call center that has the means, resources, and expertise to provide you with a good telemarketing service is the best solution to constantly be on top of the game. Outsource your outbound telemarketing needs to Outsourcing City and witness results that will never leave you out of the ballgame.

Outsourcing City has the means, the expertise, and the technology to provide you with top- class outbound call center telemarketing service.

The Means. Outsourcing City has the capability to have impeccable outbound call center telemarketing services. We have the infrastructure and the right management force to provide you with all your outbound telemarketing service needs. As your business grows so does Outsourcing City, which will continuously have the capability to operate all of your outbound call center needs.

The Expertise. Outsourcing City only employs the most seasoned telemarketing professionals with a strong sales background to handle all your outbound telemarketing needs. All outbound telemarketing professionals undergo rigorous training. Our telemarketing professionals have the knowledge and the skills to truly connect with your target audience.

The Technology. Outsourcing City uses the most advanced technology to achieve powerful results in all aspects of outbound call center telemarketing service. Our advanced, VOIP driven, Linux based auto dialers can connect to as many calls as outbound telemarketing agents can handle. All outbound calls are logged with CID information. At the same time, telemarketing agents will log every call in a spreadsheet or CRM, as required by customer. Our state of the art system can also record every conversation if need be, and be uploaded to an FTP site where the customer can listen to it at anytime.

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