Inbound Call Center

Inbound Call Center

Passion. Commitment. Service.

Good customer service is the key to success in any business. Customer service has become a vital and crucial element in any organization’s triumph. It is for this very same reason that inbound call centers have flourished in the past number of years. As companies are scrambling for the top position in an industry, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction through unparalleled customer service has brought about a tremendous need for outsourcing inbound call center services.

Outsourcing City’s inbound call center services entirely focuses on your customers’ needs and wants. We guarantee an increase in your clients’ level of satisfaction. Whether you want our inbound call center agents to answer 10 or thousands of calls per day, customer calls will never be missed nor dropped. Our inbound call center services will truly be an extension of your office.

  • Provide better customer service due to efficiently engineered process, better technology infrastructure, and trained staff.
  • You can focus on core business.
  • Deliver enhanced quality of service due to trained staff & better technology.
  • Ongoing Solutions to Stay Ahead of Changing Markets

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Outsourcing City’s wide range of inbound call center services includes:

  1. Answering Service. From phone answering services to product information requests to medical answering services, our team of skilled inbound call center agents are always there to answer all customer calls.
  2. Customer Service. All customer queries, application and claims processing, billing inquiries, etc. are met by our team of highly trained inbound call center customer service agents. With our adept customer service agents, your clients continue to be pleased and relationships built on trust are constantly being established and nurtured. This leads to an expansion of your customer base and an enhancement of your position in the industry.
  3. Sales Call Fulfillment. Our team of specially trained inbound call center agents attend to all sales orders, sales inquiries, sales closure, ensuring that you never miss any of your sales calls.
  4. Technical Support Services. Products and services troubleshooting, software problems, hardware problems, internet service problems, etc. will all be solved by our team of specialized IT agents. Our inbound technical support agents constantly guide customers step by step in resolving all important issues.
  5. E-mail Customer Service Support. We use the technology of the internet to give your customers detailed information and answers to queries instantly via our e-mail support staff.

” Outsourcing City’s Inbound Call Center is customizable to suit your company’s unique needs, in turn helping you generate more sales.”

Assured Advantages of Outsourcing City’s Inbound Call Center Services:

  • VOIP network using Dell, HP, and Cisco equipment to ensure the quality of all calls.
  • Maximum operational transparency and voice recording.
  • Real time updates and reporting.
  • Highly skilled and experienced agents.
  • Strategic partnership with a company geared towards generating results for you!

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Why choose Outsourcing City?

Outsourcing City provides not only innovative solutions to meet your unique needs, we invest in a business partnership that is committed to achieving high performance while reducing cost and maximizing profits for our clients. As an outsourcing partner, we are relentlessly focused on continuous improvements in technology and business processes to keep you in front of your industry.

Outsourcing City only employs top caliber call center employees for every call center outsourcing service we provide. Our inbound call center agents are highly experienced in handling all customer queries, guaranteed to increase your customer’s level of satisfaction.

Our outbound telemarketing agents are well-seasoned with a strong sales background. Having the perfect mix of persistence and the ability to connect with your target audience, our outbound telemarketing call center agents are the keys to increasing customer base and sales.

Our back office staff drives you to focus more on your core business by eliminating all back office work. Your accounting, human resources, and information technology (IT) back office works are handled by our team of professionals.

Our medical transcription and medical billing services are handled by people who speak the language of medicine. As these are crucial services in a physician’s practice, Outsourcing City ensures precise, accurate and honest results.

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