Back Office Outsourcing

Back Office Outsourcing

Productivity. Efficiency. Growth.

Back office work can be tedious, tiresome, and bothersome. However, someone has got to do it. Back office work keeps businesses running smoothly. As a business continues to grow, so does back office work. This often results to companies losing focus on their core business. Back office work is compromised, often resulting to less-than-average of half-baked outputs.

Outsourcing City’s Back Office Outsourcing Service Includes:

  1. Accounting Outsourcing Solutions. Accounts receivable outsourcing, accounts payable outsourcing, and all other accounting solutions outsourcing are handled by professionals. Every single document is managed with utmost confidentiality.
  2. Human Resources Outsourcing Solutions. Payroll administration, employee benefits computations, taxation, employee relations management, policy structure, and all other related tasks pertaining to human resources are taken cared of by our seasoned HR personnel.
  3. Information Technology (IT) Outsourcing Solutions. From data entry outsourcing, software development, network outsourcing services, to web applications and all other IT outsourcing services, our highly skilled IT engineers are there to provide unparalleled IT solutions to your business.

Proven, Reliable and Extensive Back Office Processing. 

Ongoing Solutions to Stay Ahead of Changing Markets.

Around 50% Cost Reduction in Payroll and Office Administration.

Witness your business grow to an entirely new dimension. See how our back office outsourcing services can fulfill and satisfy the back office needs of your company.

  • Proven, reliable and extensive back office processing.
  • Ongoing Solutions to stay ahead of changing markets.
  • Around 50% Cost Reduction in payroll and office administration.
  • Provide better customer service due to efficiently engineered process better technology infrastructure and trained staff.
  • Clients can focus on core business.
  • Enhance quality of service due to trained staff and better technology.

Regain your focus. Outsource your back office work to us. Focus more on growing your business rather than maintaining your office paperwork.

  1. Back office outsourcing is ideal for small and mid-sized companies who are rapidly expanding and growing their businesses.
  2. Back office outsourcing provides a good way to efficiently manage your non-core business, enabling your company to focus on its main businesses.
  3. Back office outsourcing can improve and refine your back office processes by tailor-fitting them to the specific needs of the business.
  4. Back office outsourcing allows a savings of up to 50 to 70% as compared with domestic costs, along with a standardized world-class quality, and faster turnaround time.

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Why choose Outsourcing City?

Outsourcing City provides not only innovative solutions to meet your unique needs, we invest in a business partnership that is committed to achieving high performance while reducing cost and maximizing profits for our clients. As an outsourcing partner, we are relentlessly focused on continuous improvements in technology and business processes to keep you in front of your industry

Outsourcing City only employs top caliber call center employees for every call center outsourcing service we provide. Our inbound call center agents are highly experienced in handling all customer queries, guaranteed to increase your customer’s level of satisfaction.

Our outbound telemarketing agents are well-seasoned with a strong sales background. Having the perfect mix of persistence and the ability to connect with your target audience, our outbound telemarketing call center agents are the keys to increasing customer base and sales.

Our back office staff drives you to focus more on your core business by eliminating all back office work. Your accounting, human resources, and information technology (IT) back office works are handled by our team of professionals.

Our medical transcription and medical billing services are handled by people who speak the language of medicine. As these are crucial services in a physician’s practice, Outsourcing City ensures precise, accurate and honest results.

Provide better customer service due to efficiently engineered process, better technology infrastructure, and trained staff. 

You can focus on core business.

Deliver enhanced quality of service due to trained staff & better technology.

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