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Business Process Outsourcing in One Roof: All About Outsourcing City 

At Outsourcing City, we bridge the gap between companies and their customers. While our clientele expands throughout different nations, our business process outsourcing services remain as personal as two people having a conversation. We believe that we hold the power to connect and provide the missing link between a company and its customers.

With headquarters in Brea, California, Outsourcing City is a fast growing provider of call center outsourcing solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. As our clientele is extensive, Outsourcing City has only one, singular goal:

“To be the leading provider of high quality, low cost call center outsourcing and business process outsourcing solutions.”

  • Provide better customer service due to efficiently engineered process, better technology infrastructure, and trained staff.
  • You can focus on core business.
  • Deliver enhanced quality of service due to trained staff & better technology.
  • Ongoing solutions to stay ahead of changing markets

What sets Outsourcing City’s Business Process Outsourcing Services Apart from the Rest?

While there may be numerous business process outsourcing companies out there that offer the similar call center services, Outsourcing City remains unfazed by the tough competition. Our key differentiators speak for themselves. We live by our core competencies as these set us apart from business process outsourcing contenders.

Quality. Quality is never compromised in all our business process outsourcing services. With our tried and tested state-of-the-art technology, call center operations are handled with ease. Our call center agents boast of professionalism as we only employ the most seasoned call center professionals in the industry. We maximize our industry knowledge, technology, and expertise to bring you unrivalled business process outsourcing services at the best price.

Flexibility. Outsourcing City can provide you with one highly-qualified call center agent, or a hundred qualified call center agents. We do not believe in setting a limit as we are continuously focused to help your business grow, every step of the way.

Partnership. Outsourcing City believes that a strong partnership and a mutual agreement are needed for your business to grow exponentially. From selecting resumes to interviewing potential call center agents, you have a strong input in the recruitment process. We believe in giving you the best business process outsourcing service that you most assuredly deserve.

Language. A common language is all that’s needed to transcend barriers in communication. Outsourcing City employs top-notch call center agents who speak the same language as the Western world. We choose Filipinos because they have the closest dialect or tongue with that of Americans. The American culture is well incorporated in the Philippine way of life. This makes our telemarketing service and inbound call center service unbeatable in terms of quality.


The Environment in which Outsourcing City Thrives. While major business process outsourcing industries are dominated by large, multinational players who aim to get the biggest chunk of the market share, Outsourcing City focuses all its call center outsourcing and business process outsourcing efforts into small and medium sized businesses.Outsourcing City holds a culture that is professional, friendly, versatile, and dynamic. We believe that an intimate and close-knit culture allows us to maintain superior quality assurance methods; and at the same time, have a higher rate of employee retention.No, we do not aim to be a “super” call center one day nor do we strive to be the largest call center outsourcing and business process outsourcing provider out there. Our only aim is to be the best business process outsourcing services provider.

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